The LipoBeltĀ® safely helps contour the body in an at-home application. This new technology has been clinically proven to reduce fat using "cryotherapy," which is a method of freezing away fat.  Plastic surgeons charge upwards of $500 to perform this service and now you can great results at home, saving A LOT of money!  

LipoBelt is designed to deliver exactly the right amount of cooling to that stubborn, exercise resistant fat. It uses special cold packs that have been precisely developed to reach and maintain the target temperature required to chill those fat cells and trigger natural fat cell death, all without harming skin and tissue.

Within days after each LipoBelt use, your body will naturally metabolize and flush out the dead fat cells. The remaining fat cells will eventually shift and condense down to a thinner fat layer, gradually diminishing your muffin tops, love handles, back fat, and even smoothing cellulite!

Advanced Cold Targeting Technology

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